Changing market processes


New response codes and check specifications

With the release of the new user manual “Decision tree diagrams and code lists for responses”, format changes will be introduced on 01/04/2021 with fixed specifications regarding check sequences and new response codes. This will be accompanied by procedural changes for existing processes GPKE, WiM, MPES and MaBiS. These changes will increases the complexity of replying to message – and the check specifications do not apply uniformly for all processes. Differentiation between divisions is required. Furthermore, the DTDs to be used for each process must be specified in the response message. The format of the codes in the messages will also change. With new and existing response codes that do not have a uniform meaning, the result is total chaos. These specifications will lead to far-reaching changes in all affected market processes and ultimately in your IT systems.


A structured analysis and adaptation is required for the existing processes. Customer-specific checks and the use of response codes must be analysed, realigned and adjusted. We provide you with a necessary overview of the upcoming changes. With easy-to-understand, uniform presentations and customised workshops, we will prepare you for the future process flows.

  • Joint workshop focused on the technical changes in relation to the check sequences, qualifiers, hierarchy and process flow.
  • We provide you with a clear overview of all DTD-relevant processes.
  • Joint workshop focused on the impacts on SAP® IS-U, especially in relation to customer-specific checks in processes and the use of response codes for customer-specific implementations.