Sustainable Business Solutions – Funding for your CO₂ reduction concept 

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Funding of up to 60% of the costs for your CO₂ balance and the transformation concept.

As of November 2021, companies can claim for the new BAFA Module 5, which covers 60% of the eligible costs for the creation of a transformation concept. This transformation concept is a concept in which a company maps out their own transformation into a climate-neutral company. The aim of the grant is to help companies meet the targets of the Green Deal and establish climate neutrality in Europe by 2050 at the latest. Do you know how you will transform your company into a climate-neutral company by 2050 at the latest?

Our free summary.

We help you to develop a transformation concept to satisfy the requirements of the Green Deal. Based on your CO2 balance, we work together with you to develop a suitable roadmap to help you achieve the climate goals. You will be reimbursed for up to 60% of the costs thanks to module 5. Get in touch to find out about the specific process, required data and scope. Find out more with our free summary: DOWNLOAD