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NEXT GENERATION EU – Green, more digital Europe that is better equipped to deal with crises.

Next Generation EU (NGEU) is a temporary economic recovery package funded by the EU budget. The fund is worth €806.9 billion in total is is intended to create a greener, more digital Europe that is better equipped to deal with crises. Up to 50 percent of the funds will be spent on research and development, fair climate transitions and the development of the Recovery and Resilience Facility. One noteworthy factor is that 30 percent of the fund will be spent on fighting climate change – which is the highest share of the EU budget ever spent on this. The money will be distributed to the member states according to a pre-determined scale, which is based on population size, economic resilience and the job market situation. In order to receive the funds, the member states were required to draw up a National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which has to be examined by the European Commission.

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Do you want your company to be greener, more digital and better equipped to deal with crises, but you’re not quite sure how? We offer a wide range of methods and solutions, tailored to your industry and the size of your company, and help you find appropriate funding measures and programs. Find out more about how you can optimise your company from an environmental and economic perspective through standardised, international methods. Direct contact More information on sustainable business solutions